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Sailors we have encountered: Eric B. Forsyth in Sail Yacht Fiona.

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We arrived in Catamaran Marina, close to English Harbour on the south coast of Antígua in the Caribbean, on Wednesday April 4th 2018. We came here in order to get in contact with a Marine electrician who could help us with the Fischer Panda generator.

Next day an old sail yacht ”Fiona” berthed just at the starboard side of our boat ”Helmi” at the pontoon. Captain Eric B. Forsyth and his crew – Andy from Scotland and Tom, a professional painter from New York – invited us for a drink and a chat in the cockpit. This turned out to be a most remarkable meeting!

In his professional life Eric had obviously been a very advanced scientist in nuclear elementary particle physics. Together with his wife he built a 42 ft. sail boat in the back yard of the house. It took them 8 years to build! They sailed together for many years. When his beloved wife died 20 years ago, Eric continued to sail. Often alone, sometimes with crew. Tom has sailed with him for 5 years and Andy for 2 years.


Together with Captain Eric B. Forsyth in S/Y ”Fiona” we had a drink and a long talk. He is one of these remarkable persons You may encounter when sailing.

Eric has sailed more than 300.000 nautical miles, including 3 circumnavigations. He has crossed the Atlantic Ocean 27 times, sailed around Cape Horn 4 times – 3 times downwind and once against the wind! He told us that 3 times the crew had just disappeared the night before departure, just leaving a short message: ”Sorry, we have got other plans”! Just unbelievable how people can behave! In one of these occasions, Eric sailed alone from Eastbourne in the English Channel all the way to Falmouth! Incredibly!

At 86 years of age, Eric still sails most of the time. He is a proof that age is just a figure. Eric talks with a low voice and is very humble in his speech and behaviour. Indeed a man to revere.


4 tankar om “Sailors we have encountered: Eric B. Forsyth in Sail Yacht Fiona.

  1. Är imponerad av er och att i er ålder ge er ut på den seglats som ni håller på med, men denne Eric får ju er att framstå som ungdomar.


    • Det är när man möter sådana långseglare, som man inser att det där med ”år” bara är ett tal. Visst, med åren kommer en del krämpor och man är inte lika smidig längre, men mycket handlar det också om inställning.


  2. Flotte reise skildringer. Ser ut som at dere har det veldig bra. God fortsettelse 😎



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